Hirzt F8 NC

Hirzt F8 NC Point to Point Borer

Hirzt F8 NCHirzt F8 NC

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Hirzt are a leading Italian manufacture of Point to Point Boring Systems and Edge Banders.

The Hirzt F Series of Numerically Controlled Point to Point through feed boring machines are designed to offer maximum flexibility while needing only a few seconds to set up. The machining units are positioned beneath the work piece ensuring waste material is easily removed.

This feeding system allows any length of panel to processed, while maintaining a compact machine foot print of approximately 3m2.

Whether you are working with a single piece of material or looking to process hundreds, the F Series is quick to set up with the operator required to adjust a single sliding pressure fence. The operator then starts the cycle and a pneumatic panel clamp feeds the panel along the X axis, the boring head moves along the Y axis and the Z axis controls the boring depth.

Technical Data:

Number of Vertical Spindles 7
Number of Horizontal Spindles 1 + 1
Maximum Panel Width 1000 mm
Maximum Boring Width 800 mm
Panel Feeding Speed 30 m/min
Spindle Rotation Speed 3400 rpm
Air Pressure Requirments 6 bar
Working Table Height 900 mm
Overall Dimensions 1650 x 1920 mm
Motor(s) 2.5 kW
Power 3 phase